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Is It a Good Idea to Invest Daily in SIP Mutual funds?

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Are you considering investing in mutual funds? You may have heard of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). SIPs are a great way to start investing in mutual funds, as they allow you to invest small amounts of money regularly. But is it wise to invest daily in SIPs? This blog post will discuss the pros and cons of investing in SIPs daily and what to consider when deciding whether or not this is the right approach.

What are SIP mutual funds?

SIP mutual funds are an investment strategy designed to help you save and invest money over a while. Through a SIP mutual fund, you commit to investing a fixed amount of money each month into a chosen mutual fund. This money is then used to buy units in the fund at the prevailing market rate.

SIPs are a great way to build wealth over the long term without worrying about the market’s ups and downs. They also allow investors to spread their investments over a longer period, making them ideal for those who want to invest but don’t have much money to invest right away. 

Types of SIPs

One of the most popular strategies when investing in mutual funds is a Systematic investment plan (SIP). This investment plan allows individuals to invest a fixed amount at regular intervals, usually every month. However, there are also other types of SIPs that you can consider, such as daily, weekly, and quarterly SIPs.

  • Monthly SIP: A monthly SIP allows you to invest a fixed amount each month over a certain time. This type of SIP is recommended for investors looking to build a long-term portfolio. 
  • Daily SIP: With this type of SIP, you invest a small amount of money daily. This type of SIP is recommended for those with a smaller budget who want to build their portfolio quickly.
  • Weekly SIP: A weekly SIP requires you to invest a certain amount of money each week. It is generally recommended for investors who want to build their portfolios over a longer period. 
  • Quarterly SIP: As its name suggests, this type of SIP involves investing an amount once every three months. It is usually recommended for those who want to build their portfolio with minimal effort and cost.

Difference between Daily SIP and Monthly SIP

Features Daily SIP Monthly SIP
Investment Frequency The investor contributes to their mutual fund scheme daily in a daily SIP. In a monthly SIP, the investor contributes to their mutual fund scheme every month.
Investment Amount In a daily SIP, the investor can invest a fixed amount daily. The investor can invest a fixed amount every month in a monthly SIP.
Frequency of Returns The investor can enjoy returns more frequently in a daily SIP than in a monthly SIP. The returns are generated monthly in a Monthly SIP.
Impact of Volatility In a daily SIP, the investor can take advantage of the volatility in the market and invest more on days when the markets are low. In a monthly SIP, the investor cannot take advantage of the volatility in the market and hence the returns are more consistent.
Cost The investor may have to bear additional charges for the increased transactions in a daily SIP. In a monthly SIP, the investor must pay only once a month.

Features of Daily SIP Mutual Funds

Daily SIP mutual funds offer many benefits to investors, including the following:

  • Flexibility: You can invest as little as ₹500 per day, allowing you to adjust your investment levels to meet your changing needs easily. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Investing a small amount daily reduces transaction costs since fewer trades are involved. 
  • Consistency: With daily SIP investments, you can maintain a consistent schedule, allowing for steady returns. 
  • Diversification: Daily investment of small amounts helps you spread your risk and diversify your portfolio. 
  • Discipline: Daily investments can help you stay disciplined by forcing you to save and invest regularly. 
  • Tax Savings: Investments in daily SIP mutual funds can also help you save on taxes as they qualify for certain deductions and exemptions.

Why is Investing in Daily SIP Beneficial?

Investing in Daily SIPs can be beneficial for several reasons, including: 

  • Automated Investing: Daily SIPs allow for automated investing, meaning you don't have to remember to make monthly investments. It helps ensure you stay on track with your savings and investment goals. 
  • Cost-Effective: With daily SIPs, you can take advantage of the power of compounding since you are investing small amounts regularly. It allows you to accumulate wealth over time without regularly shelling out large amounts of cash. 
  • Flexibility: Daily SIPs allow you to adjust your investment amount, frequency, and duration. It helps tailor your investment plan to fit your needs. 
  • Diversification: With daily SIPs, you can spread your investments across different asset classes and sectors. It reduces your risk and maximizes your return on investment.

Disadvantages of Investing in Daily SIP

  • Higher Risk: Investing in a daily SIP can lead to higher risk than traditional SIPs because the amount of money invested daily is smaller. The investor has to bear a higher risk since the market could move significantly between one day and the next. 
  • Higher Transaction Costs: Investing in a daily SIP requires more transactions than a traditional SIP, which can lead to higher transaction costs. 
  • Time-Consuming: Investing in a daily SIP can be time-consuming since it requires the investor to monitor the markets daily. It can be difficult for an investor who is not familiar with the markets or needs more time to do so. 
  • Lack of Focus: Investing in a daily SIP can be difficult to focus on since the investor has to monitor the markets daily constantly. It can lead to the investor focusing on short-term gains rather than long-term strategies.


Should we invest in a daily SIP? The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Investing in SIP Mutual funds is one of the best ways to grow your money safely and securely. Not only do SIP Mutual funds allow you to save money regularly, but they also diversify your portfolio and provide capital appreciation over the long term. Investing in SIP Mutual funds is a great way to stay disciplined and take advantage of the stock market's volatility. With the right guidance and knowledge, you can easily make SIP Mutual funds a part of your long-term financial plan. But, the final decision should be based on your investment goals and financial situation. Investing should always be a well-thought-out move.

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