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Making carefully-planned investment decisions can prove beneficial in the long term, as such financial management can help you accumulate sufficient funds to fulfill your dreams. For such desirable returns on investments, having proper investment planning is the key. However, with a plethora of choices in the UAE, one may often find it difficult to select a specific investment plan. 

To help you find the best investment options in UAE that fulfils your financial requirements without straining your finances, we will discuss what is investment plan in UAE, what are its benefits, and how to buy the best investment plans in Dubai in the article below.

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What is Investment Planning?

Investment planning refers to the procedure of determining your financial goals and fulfilling them in the desired duration by developing a plan. This procedure starts with the identification of your financial objectives and goals, after which you can design a plan to meet these goals with the available resources. 

As mentioned earlier, one can find innumerable investment options available in the UAE. The most popular ones, however, are related to bonds, equities, property, and cash. As per the availability of the funds and your goals, you can invest in any of these investment instruments. 

Types of Investment Plans in UAE

The following are the major types of investment plans available in UAE:

Endowment Plans

Also referred to as insurance-cum-saving and investment plans, these are generally life insurance plans that also help you generate profit over a certain period. In an endowment plan, a part of your premium adds to your life insurance policy while the other part can be utilised for building a retirement fund or savings. This saved amount can be redeemed after the expiry of your insurance policy. 

ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plans) 

Another excellent tool for investment in UAE is the Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP). The only major difference between ULIP and other insurance-cum-savings plans is that you will be required to pre-decide on a lump-sum amount for ULIPs. Otherwise, a portion of your premium is taken as the policy premium, while the remaining part is used to build savings for your future UAE investments. 

Pension and Retirement Plans

While several employers may run pension plans as employee-benefit plans, you can also find the leading financial institutions providing such plans. In the former type of plan, the employer may also contribute to such pension plans for their employees. However, one may also find the top banks and institutions providing similar plans, with some of them combining these plans with life insurance. In any of the available types of this plan, one can expect a monthly pension after their retirement, although the amount may be fixed or variable as per the provider and the selected plan.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are among the most popular investment options in UAE as they allow investors to invest safely while also generating great returns over a fixed amount of time. Mutual funds are managed by experienced fund managers, with the investments made by collecting funds from many investors. 

As a consequence, one can reap the benefits of the stock market in a safer way. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that mutual funds still carry a certain risk.

Benefits of Investment Planning in UAE

Given below are the most remarkable advantages of investment planning:

1. Offers Family Security

Perhaps the biggest advantage of investment planning is that it helps in ensuring financial security for the investor’s family. Thus, if an individual having an investment plan faces adverse situations like unemployment, critical illness, or demise, their family members will still be secured by the investment. 

2. Better Income Management 

Investment plans in Dubai allow you to manage your income and finances efficiently. Instead of engaging in unnecessary expenses, you will be able to manage your income more effectively, cut irrelevant expenditures, and create savings for the future.

3. Better Financial Understanding

As investment planning would require you to comprehend your financial situation practically, you would also develop an enhanced financial understanding with such plans. This is directly beneficial to you, as you can now examine your expenditures and requirements more objectively. 

4. Create Adequate Savings 

Besides emergencies, one may also require funds for future plans related to children’s education, marriage, or travel plans. By investing in the right investment plans in UAE, you can generate a good amount of wealth that can be utilised to fulfill all such requirements. 

5. Improved Living Standards for Present and Future

The funds that you generate through investment planning can be used to improve your living standards. Moreover, if you keep investing for a long duration, you will be able to continue your living standards even after retirement without any major compromise. 

Features to Check Before Buying an Investment Plan in UAE

Given below are the things that you must check before purchasing an investment plan in UAE:

  • Provider Investigation: It's essential to verify the credibility of your provider before investing to avoid risks 
  • Past Performance: To have an approximate idea of how your investment plan can grow your savings, you should check the past performance of your shortlisted investment plans in Dubai. 
  • Cost: Take a look at the investment charges and ensure that you're not being overcharged. For this, a good place to start would be to compare different plans from different providers. 
  • Reviews: Finally, you should confirm whether your investment provider is reputed and has a satisfied client base. Moreover, it is advisable to pay attention to the claim-settlement process in case of insurance-investment plans to ensure hassle-free access to the funds when required. 

5 Things to Consider Before Investment Planning

Here are the most important aspects to consider before planning your investment:

1. Dependents 

Before searching and comparing plans, you should calculate the number of dependents that you wish to cover under your Dubai investment plan like your parents, spouse, children, and so forth. 

2. Financial Goals 

To make a wise investment choice, it is necessary to identify your financial goals as this will give you an idea of the funds that you will need to meet a certain goal (whether higher education, children's marriage, buying a car or property, and so on).  

3. Current and Future Liabilities 

Keeping this aspect in mind can prove helpful in identifying the amount of investment that you can make without defaulting on current loans, debts, and others. Moreover, if you plan to avail of any debt in the future for a specific requirement, even that liability must be considered in the selection process of a plan. 

4. Insurance Cover 

In case you opt for an investment plan with an insurance component, you should make sure that the assured sum is adequate for your requirements. Otherwise, if you find the sum assured insufficient, you can opt for an investment plan without the insurance part and purchase a plan related to the latter separately. 

5. Premium/Investment Amount 

One should make sure that the premium or the amount that must be invested currently fits their budget without requiring them to compromise their lifestyle. You can always utilise an online premium calculator for the same and determine the suitable amount as per their income, age, and other factors. 

How to Compare Different Investment Plans? 

Listed below are some points based on which you can compare different investment Plan in UAE:

  • Coverage 
  • Riders 
  • Option to increase or decrease the premium 
  • Premium amount 
  • Payout type 
  • Return on Investment 
  • Linked insurance plan 

What are the Riders of an Investment Plan? 

Applicable for life insurance plans like endowment or ULIPs, riders can be considered add-ons that enhance the coverage offered by a plan. With most of these riders available at nominal prices, you can include one in your plan and receive additional benefits. 

Listed below are the major types of riders:

  • Permanent and partial disability rider 
  • Accidental death rider 
  • Premium waiver rider
  • Critical illness rider 

Eligibility Criteria for an Investment Plan in UAE 

While the eligibility criteria will differ for each plan, provider, and the applicant, the following are the general criteria as followed for most investment plans in UAE:

  • The applicant must be a resident of the UAE
  • The applicant must be at least of the age 18 years

Which Documents are Required for Buying Investment Plans in UAE? 

The following are the documents that you may require when seeking to buy the top investment plan in UAE:

  • Passport, Emirates ID, Driving Licence, and others 
  • Address Proof 
  • Medical Reports 
  • Salary certificates 

How to Buy the Best Investment in UAE Online?

Buying an investment plan online in UAE is quite easy, with most of the top firms for the same offering seamless online application procedures. Given below are the steps that you need to perform to buy an investment plan in Dubai online:

  • Visit the official website of your insurance company/ broker 
  • Select the plan of your choice by comparing all the available ones and their key features
  • Fill out the relevant application form for your plan by providing all the necessary details
  • Upload the relevant documents concerning your age, income, identity, and others
  • Once you submit the form, your provider will verify the documents and connect with you for further processes 

Key Takeaway

An investment plan in Dubai is one of the most important things to have in the UAE if you seek financial stability in the long run. With numerous options available for the same, buying the best investment plan in the UAE has become fairly straightforward. Simply be aware of your requirements and conduct thorough research (while also understanding the risks involved) to get the most suitable investment plan for yourself. 

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