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Best Retirement Pension Plans for NRI 2024

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As we continue into 2024, securing a financially stable future is a must for everyone, including Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). For Indians residing in the UAE or any other country, opting for a well-structured retirement plan is a wise decision to ensure long-term financial security. Retirement pension plans tailored for NRIs can be a good option, as they offer a range of benefits and investment options to enable you to enjoy a comfortable post-retirement life. 

This article provides a comprehensive rundown of the best retirement plans in India for NRIs and sheds light on their advantages. By understanding the diverse options, you can make informed decisions that suit your individual needs and financial goals, making 2024 the year you take control of your financial future.

What are Retirement Pension Plans for NRI?

NRI retirement pension plans are financial instruments designed specifically for Non-Resident Indians, helping them to invest in long-term savings plans that secure their post-retirement future. Recognising the unique financial needs and requirements of NRIs, several insurance companies offer excellent retirement plans in India with high returns and financial security. These plans cater to diverse risk appetites and investment horizons, helping NRIs choose the best fit for their financial goals.

Notably, these plans also take into account the tax implications and regulations applicable to NRIs, ensuring that their investments are not only profitable but also compliant with the law. As we progress into 2024, exploring these retirement pension plans becomes crucial, as they not only offer a stable source of income post-retirement but also promote financial independence and peace of mind.

By understanding the intricacies of these plans, you can make informed decisions, ultimately paving the way towards a secure and comfortable retirement.

Benefits of Best Retirement/ Pension Plans in India

Retirement plans in India provide a myriad of advantages for NRIs, making them an essential component of their long-term financial strategy. Investing in these plans can help you secure your financial future, maintain your desired lifestyle, and enjoy several other benefits.

Some of these advantages are -

  • Numerous leading insurance companies have introduced the best retirement plans in India tailored for NRIs, addressing varying risk profiles and investment timeframes. This allows you to choose the plan that best aligns with your individual requirements and preferences.
  • By investing in a retirement plan, you can secure a steady source of income post-retirement. This financial stability can help you maintain your lifestyle without relying on external support, ensuring independence and peace of mind in your golden years.
  • Many retirement plans offer flexibility in terms of contribution and withdrawal options. You can choose between lump sum and periodic investment options and even plan your withdrawals according to your post-retirement requirements.
  • Since retirement plans are denominated in Indian Rupees, you can hedge against currency fluctuations between your country of residence and India. 
  • The best retirement plans in India, especially those with a long investment horizon, benefit from the power of compounding. With this, you can accumulate substantial wealth over time by investing in higher investment returns.

Best Pension Plans for NRIs in India – Overview

Tabled below are the best pension plans for NRIs with their essential features –

Plan Name Minimum Age Maximum Age Policy Tenure or Annuity Options Annuity to Spouse  Tax Benefits
Bajaj Allianz Life Pension Guarantee Plan 37 years 80 years Life annuity - 5,10,15, or 20 years 50 and 100% Applicable
Aviva Wealth Builder Plan 5 years 50 years Policy term: 13, 15, and 17 years NA Applicable
National Pension Scheme for NRIs 18 years 60 years NA NA Up to 1.5 Lakhs
LIC Jeevan Akshay  30 years 65 years Life annuity and 5,10, 15, 20 years, and after that 50 and 100 % NA
LIC Jeevan Nidhi Plan 20 years 60 years Life annuity and 5,10,15, 20 years, and thereafter 50% U/S 80CCC

Features and Benefits of Best Pension Plans for NRIs in India

Given below are the prominent features of the best pension plans for NRIs in India –

Plan Name Features and Benefits
Bajaj Allianz Life Pension Guarantee Plan
  • Offers a steady income post-retirement
  • Provides immediate annuity options, including lifetime annuity and annuity for specific periods
  • Coverage options for spouses available
  • Lifetime annuity or annuity for specific periods of 5,10, 15, or 20 years till lifetime
  • Another option includes spouse coverage, offering 50% or 100% annuity to the spouse upon the annuitant's death and 100% annuity with return of purchase price after the last survivor's death.
  • Minimum entry age: 37 years
  • Maximum entry age: 80 years
Aviva Wealth Builder Plan
  • Designed for individuals with specific milestones and aspirations
  • Covers life events such as purchasing a dream house, funding children's education and marriage, and ensuring a comfortable retirement
  • Encourages planning in advance to avoid financial shocks
  • Aims to help fulfil dreams and goals
  • The premium amount doubles at maturity
  • Provides family protection in the policyholder's absence
National Pension Scheme for NRIs
  • Open to individuals aged 18-60 years
  • Government-launched New Pension Scheme
  • Minimum yearly subscription: INR 6,000
  • 50% of investment allocated to equities
  • Scheme matures at age 60
  • Withdrawal is permitted if the corpus is less than INR 2 lakh
LIC Jeevan Akshay
  • Lump sum payment for benefits
  • Immediate annuity plan with lifetime annuity payments
  • Entry age: 30-85 years
  • Minimum purchase price: INR 1 lakh (offline), INR 1.5 lakhs (online)
  • Lifetime annuity and fixed-period annuity options
  • 3% annual increment in the annuity
  • Spouse coverage with 50% or 100% annuity
  • Return of purchase price upon policyholder's death
LIC Jeevan Nidhi Plan
  • Popular NRI pension plan with five plan variants
  • Lifetime or fixed interval annuity options (5, 10, 15, 20 years)
  • Return of purchase price upon death
  • 50% annuity payment to the spouse if the policyholder dies
  • 3% annual annuity increment
  • Additional insurance benefits are available

Things to Consider While Opting For the Best Pension Plans for NRIs in India

You must keep the following factors in mind when choosing the best pension plan for NRIs in India–

  • Assess your long-term financial objectives, such as retirement age, lifestyle, and expenses.
  • Determine your risk tolerance to select an appropriate investment strategy (conservative, balanced, or aggressive).
  • Consider the time frame for your investment, as this can impact your choice of pension plan and returns.
  • Evaluate the features of various pension plans such as annuity options, coverage for a spouse, and return of purchase price.
  • Choose a plan that offers flexibility in terms of premium payment frequency, investment options, and withdrawal facilities.
  • Research the tax implications of your chosen plan, both during the investment phase and upon receiving the annuity.
  • Review the historical performance of the pension fund to gauge its potential future returns.
  • Make sure the insurance provider offers adequate customer support to address any queries or concerns related to your pension plan.

Wrapping Up

Investing in retirement pension plans tailored to your unique needs and financial objectives is crucial. The best retirement plans in India for NRIs offer diverse features and benefits, providing long-term financial security and peace of mind. By carefully considering factors such as financial goals, risk tolerance, investment horizon, and plan features, you can make well-informed decisions to secure a comfortable and financially independent retirement. 

Don't let another year pass by without taking control of your financial future - start planning and investing in a retirement pension plan that caters to your requirements and aspirations today!

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