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Top 7 Mobile Apps That Help Save Money in UAE

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The steadily rising living expenses in the UAE have made it crucial for all to closely examine their monthly expenses and make effective budget plans. Saving money often proves to be challenging which is my several people turn to expert tips and ways to save and grow money effectively. Money savings apps available in the UAE are one such effective method to save a significant part of your salary. Some of these saving apps help you save money with rewards, discounts, cashback and other help in effective budget planning. This article will list some of the top money-saving applications in the UAE to help you figure out the best one for your need. Let’s get started!

Top Money Savings Applications in UAE

Below-given are the top money-saving apps to help you quickly sort your finances:

1. Nearbuy

Nearbuy is a free money-saving application offering exclusive offers on your favourite brands while shopping, dining, travelling and more. So, whether you are relaxing at your favourite spas, dining at one of the top UAE restaurants, or shopping, Nearbuy can prove to be of great help in saving some additional dirhams.

Features and Benefits of Nearbuy:

  • It is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.
  • You can easily search various filters that can help you narrow down the search results to what you are looking for precisely.
  • Nearbuy is a discount and money-saving app that provides personalised offers based on your location. Nearbuy offers deals on everything from tattoo parlours to five-star meals.
  • You can quickly discover and redeem great offers in a few clicks.
  • The registration process on Nearbuy is easy and quick. You can register on the website or application using your email address and contact number.
  • There is no need to take out a print of the vouchers you’ve purchased from the app since the soft copies are accepted by all nearbuy-associated merchant outlets.
  • If your preferred restaurant or service is not listed in Nearbuy, you can vote on the saving app and share your preferences with them.

How Does it Work?

Simply download the app and register using your email id. Once downloaded, you can explore, buy and enjoy the benefits of Nearbuy, one of the best mobile saving apps in the UAE.

  • Explore: There are various discounts and deals for spas, gyms, restaurants, malls and more.
  • Buy: You can easily buy the offers and coupons using your credit/debit card, net banking or wallets.
  • Enjoy: Once you purchase a deal, the mobile saving app shows a voucher number or code. Show your voucher at the merchant outlet and click on the 'Tap to Redeem' button after using the service.

2. Wally

Wally, a mobile saving app, is like a bookkeeper that can fit in your pocket. It provides insights into your spending, sets goals and helps in increasing your savings. With Wally, you can track your expenses and enlist everything in one place.

Features and Benefits of Wally:

  • This mobile saving app easily compares your income to expenses, helping you understand where your money goes and in what ratio you spend.
  • Wally gives an overview of all your past and upcoming transactions in chronological order and provides a clear picture of your finances anytime, anywhere.
  • You can quickly scan and upload bills, receipts and warranty cards.
  • You can set reminders or schedule bill payments on the application.
  • You can easily set your budget to control your day-to-day transactions across categories like home, groceries, entertainment etc.
  • It provides flexible budget periods to save and achieve specific goals.
  • Users can sync their credit cards, loan accounts, checking, and savings accounts to get immediate insights on cash flow patterns. It helps to learn, manage and improve finances.
  • You can create a group on Wally with your family, friends or colleagues to track joint accounts.

How Does it Work?

Wally is a money-saving app that is only available for iOS devices. You can register with Wally using your email address and mobile number. Once you enter your financial details, it starts to track your location and keep a record of your transactions. To use it efficiently, you can set your daily budget, set reminders for bill payments and more. Wally's application is easy to navigate. You can take a navigation tour and follow the instructions to get everything done in one go.

3. Beam

The Beam is an innovative mobile saving app offering customers a chance to earn various rewards on food, beverages, telecommunications, entertainment, and shopping at physical outlets in the UAE. Beam wallet has transformed the shopping experience for the customers by making it rewarding, fun and secure.

Features and Benefits of Beam:

  • In addition to being a payment application and platform, Beam wallet also allows customers to reap rewards while shopping using the saving app.
  • Retailers can also use the Beam app and avail the benefits.
  • You can use the app at over 3000 UAE stores.
  • Secure payment platform that uses NFC system.
  • You can pay for fuel, cable, coffee, dining etc. across UAE.
  • You can add a card or pre-load credits to the wallet to make payments.
  • Just tap and pay to complete the transaction in only a few seconds.

How Does it Work?

Being a digital wallet, Beam is an innovative method to pay for your purchases and earn exclusive rewards in the process. Download the Beam mobile application on iOS or Android and register with your credit or debit card. Beam offers exciting offers when you first register. The savings then continue with offers and rewards at your nearby outlets. If you pay using Beam, you can easily earn rewards and cashback, which are directly added to your mobile wallet.

4. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy serves two-folded purposes for UAE residents: saving-cum-comparison. It is free to use and available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The app scans the products you wish to purchase, find out different sellers offering it and presents a detailed comparison of prices, customer reviews, etc. If you get to make a well-informed decision after conducting comparisons which ultimately helps save money.

Features and Benefits of ShopSavvy:

  • Its smart product search engine helps you to get the best deal anywhere in the UAE.
  • The comparison platform of the app eliminates the need to check the separate pages of retailers one by one. You can see which retailers or sellers are out-of-stock and which one offers the best price easily.
  • The app is fully configurable, which means you can use the filter bar to view the price of the products you are interested in.
  • You can make well-informed decisions by comparing the ratings of each seller.
  • You can also compare the price history for multiple retailers. The application provides a price chart for each seller.
  • ShopSavvy also keeps track of retailers with the lowest price.

How it Works?

Once you download the ShopSavvy app and register with your email address, you can quickly scan the barcodes and QR codes of the products to find what you are looking for. You can use the camera of your device to scan the barcode.

To use the scanner, place the barcode six inches away from your phone. Once done scanning, ShopSavvy helps you to compare the prices of products similar to the one you were searching for in other retail outlets. Buy the product, earn rewards, get cashback and save substantial amount of money in the process from this money-saving app.

5. Pricena

Much like ShopSavvy, Pricena is a money-saving app in the UAE that aids savings by helping the users purchase the product from the seller offering it at the best price. It allows the customers to compare thousands of products from numerous online sellers. You can quickly search for a wide variety of products, including home appliances, electronics, digital gadgets, apparel and more. Additionally, you can set reminders in the app to alert you when the price of the items you are trying to purchase drops. 

Features and Benefits of Pricena:

  • Pricena is available as both mobile application and as a web platform.
  • Pricena lists various products from different online shops in the UAE.
  • Pricena application or website redirects you to the brand’s page once you tap on the ‘go to shop’ tab of the product. The purchase can be made directly from seller’s website.
  • The app can be used to get assistance for both online and offline shopping.
  • Pricena saves price history for all the products sold online in the UAE. You can browse through the 'Price Drop’ section of the website/app to see the products with real-time price drops.

How Does it Work?

Download the Pricena application on your mobile or visit the official website on the web browser. Once downloaded, follow the instructions given below to navigate and use this mobile saving app:

  • Search for the product on the search bar of the home page.
  • You will see a list of different stores selling the product.
  • Narrow down your results using filters or set your personalised price drop alert for later.
  • The applicable product lists and stores will be presented on the screen after you enter your search terms.
  • Click the store you want to buy the product from and tap on the ‘Go to the Shop’ tab.
  • You will be redirected to the store's page, where you can complete your purchase.

6. Here WeGo

Here WeGo app is a free navigation app that guides global and local travellers in the UAE. It is easy to navigate and can be used for offline navigation as well. It offers services similar to that of other navigation apps like Google Maps. However, users can also find some rather unique features like easily accessible offline maps and a helpful 'Collections' list.

Features and Benefits of Here WeGo:

  • It helps reduce data usage by providing offline functionality.
  • The app shows real-time traffic and public transportation data.
  • You can pinpoint your location, navigate to your destination and return to the initial point in one go.
  • You can use GPS integrated into the application to find your current location and use the turn-by-turn navigation guide to get to your destination.
  • Users can also share their location with others.
  • The voice navigation feature is also available.
  • ‘Collection List’ is a map library and is a storage facility for maps for future use. Maps and routes can be downloaded offline and saved for later use.

How it Works?

Here WeGo, a time-saving app available on both Apple and Android devices. Follow the below-given steps for initial account set-up:

  • Download the app in your mobile phone from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Open the app and click the hamburger icon given on the top left corner. Click on the 'Sign in' option.
  • Register your account by clicking on 'No account? Register’.
  • You can register using your Facebook account or your mail address.
  • The welcome screen will come up once you successfully register your account. Click 'Come In' to start using the application.

7. Groupon

Groupon is a free money-saving app and e-commerce platform that you can download on your devices to get the best deals and coupons in the UAE. It shows the daily local deals for spas, hotels, restaurants, online retail shopping stores, lists of things to do in the UAE and many more. Vouchers and coupons codes available on Groupon can be used to avail discounts at the respective outlets.

Features and Benefits of Groupon:

  • It provides deals and discount coupons all year round allowing you to save money easily.
  • It is easy to navigate and simple to use.
  • Users can register with Groupon using their mail addresses and contact number.
  • If unsatisfied with the purchase, Groupon allows you to get a refund to your original form of payment up until three days after you made the purchase.
  • Groupon offers insights into the ongoing deals and discounts at all retails outlets, offline stores, restaurants, golf arenas, and more. It’s an all-in-one savings, discounts and coupon sourcing platform.

How it Works?

Here's how you can use Groupon:

  • You can use Groupon on the website or mobile application.
  • On the search bar and search the product to get deals. You can also search for a specific store or restaurant to see ongoing deals.
  • Select 'View Details next to the Groupon you want to redeem.
  • Buy the deal using your cards or wallet. For local deals, you can either take out a print of the Groupon or pull it up on your mobile app.

Wrapping Up

In UAE, discounts, rewards, vouchers and cashback have gained a lot of attention from the general public. This is mainly thanks to several available money-saving apps and the exceptional amount of savings they help in getting. Some of these saving apps offer a wide range of products at affordable prices based on your geographical location to buy offline or make purchases online. Others help save money via deals and discount vouchers anytime, anywhere! Research and use the hit and trial method to find out which one best suits your needs and start saving. You can use this expert guide as the starting point of your research to find the best money saving app for you.

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