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What is the Significance of Insurance in Financial Planning?

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It is crucial to manage your finances efficiently, as even minor financial mismanagement can result in losses and threaten your future planning as well. Getting yourself and your loved ones’ insured is one of the key steps toward wealth management. However, even though insurance can provide you with financial support in the long run, it’s still one of the underrated aspects of financial planning.

As you go through this article, you will find some key details regarding the importance of insurance in financial planning and how you can use insurance for a secure financial future.

Role of Insurance in Financial Planning

There are primarily 5 benefits of choosing insurance for effective financial planning for both long-term and short-term goals –

1. Ensures Security

Insurance plays a vital role when it comes to financial security. Uncertainties and unexpected events can occur at any stage of life, and one should be prepared for them financially. Whether an individual faces any medical emergency or suffers any loss while travelling from one place to another, insurance can certainly come in handy. This can also be true if an earning member of the family passes away, in which case the beneficiaries can receive the compensation.

Your concerned insurance company can provide you compensation for all the losses incurred. Thus, by purchasing term insurance, medical insurance, or even auto insurance, you can financially secure your life and other assets.

2. Builds Financial Strength

Insurance is certainly a product that offers financial strength during unexpected happenings in life. As mentioned earlier, the policyholder can be assured of adequate financial assistance for themselves as well as their families in case they face any loss. This, in turn, can make them confident regarding their finances and help them save and use more funds for their future plans.

3. Offer Risk Cover

Mishaps can arise at any time, which can often result in a negative impact on the finances. However, with insurance, it has become easier for individuals to support their loved ones in their absence. The policyholder can keep paying the premium of their insurance within the policy tenure, and the insurance provider can offer risk cover against the death of the policyholder. In such an unfortunate circumstance, the beneficiary can initiate claim settlement, after which the claim amount settlement would be sent to their account.

4. Financial Assurance

Having an insurance policy can make your life worry-free in terms of wealth management. It can assure the policyholder concerning financial security for the long term and even for their family during their absence. 

This can be observed the best in case of any debts, as the dependents of the policyholder can also pay off the pending debts and other payments in their absence with insurance. The only thing to note here is that irrespective of the type of insurance that you require, make sure it is worth it with respect to the premiums and coverages offered.

5. Multiple Options Available

Owing to the demand for insurance products as well as the presence of numerous large insurance companies, plenty of insurance products can be found for different requirements in the UAE. Multiple types of insurance are available such as term life, motor, health, travel, and others.

Based on the benefits, coverages, and premiums offered under each insurance product, individuals can select the most suitable one for themselves. Additionally, insurance providers also offer add-on plans with most regular plans with which policyholders can enhance the coverage of the plan. While some of them are free, most other add-ons can be availed of at nominal additional prices.

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