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Navigating the myriad of investment options for a secure retirement can be a daunting task. Among these options, annuity plans have emerged as a reliable and steady source of income, especially when you've hung up your work boots.

Essentially, annuity plans ensure a regular payout that allows retirees to maintain their desired lifestyle without the constant worry of financial instability.

In this article, we will shed light on the best annuity plans to invest in for retirement, with special emphasis on the best deferred annuity plan in India and the best annuity plan in India. Whether you're planning early or nearing your golden years, understanding these retirement annuity plans can make a significant difference in how comfortably you live in the next chapter of your life.

Comprehending Annuity Plans

Under an annuity plan, an individual makes an initial investment or series of payments to an insurance or financial company. In return, they receive periodic disbursements, usually starting at retirement and continuing for a specified duration or the remainder of their life. Essentially, it's a way to secure a consistent income for the future from funds invested in the present.

As retirement approaches, the certainty of a fixed income becomes invaluable. The best annuity plan in India provides this certainty. Unlike some investments that might fluctuate with market changes, annuities offer a stable income, which makes them an attractive option for those looking at a stress-free post-retirement life.

Five Key Benefits of Annuity Plans

  • Guaranteed Income: The primary allure of annuities is the guaranteed income. Once you invest in an annuity, you're assured of a steady stream of income for a specified period or life, depending on the plan.
  • Inflation-Adjusted Returns: Some retirement annuity plans offer options that adjust your payouts to account for inflation. This means your income can potentially increase over time, maintaining your purchasing power.
  • Flexibility in Payouts: Annuities can be structured according to how you prefer to receive payments. Whether it's monthly, quarterly, or annually, you can tailor your income to suit your needs.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have a regular income waiting for you in your golden years provides peace of mind. It reduces the anxiety of market fluctuations and unforeseen financial emergencies.

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Types of Annuity Plans

Annuity plans are popular when it comes to planning for post-retirement financial security. These plans offer a series of payments made at equal intervals. Here's a simple breakdown of the various types of annuity plans:

  1. Deferred Annuity - This is the go-to for those who want their annuity to start at a later date. In the beginning, there's the Accumulation Phase, which starts when you make your initial premium payment and start accumulating funds. Later on, the Vesting Phase begins, marking the date you start enjoying the policy's pension benefits. An example of this is the best deferred annuity plan in India, where you pay now and get benefits later.
  2. Immediate Annuity - Want your annuity payments straight away? This is your pick. You can pay a one-time lump sum amount and the annuity starts immediately, lasting either for a limited duration or your entire lifetime.
  3. Variable Annuity - If you don't mind a little risk and are keen on potentially higher returns, this might be the plan for you. Here, payouts fluctuate as they're based on market-linked securities. The performance of the market handles both the return on the main fund and the payouts. It's ideal for the adventurous investor with a high-risk appetite.
  4. Fixed Annuity - Looking for something steady? This guarantees the same annuity payout throughout its duration. Think of it like a regular fixed monthly pension. Fixed annuity is a top choice for those who want predictable and consistent income, often touted as one of the best annuity plans in India.
  5. Lump-sum Annuity - Highly popular, a lump-sum annuity plan offers a significant payout but only for a specific duration. However, bear in mind that you usually can't pull out the entire annuity amount in one go.
  6. Periodic Annuity - Designed for those who prefer payouts at regular intervals, this can be on a monthly basis or at milestones like every 5th, 10th, or 15th year.  It is perfect for those who want to align their annuity with other retirement annuity plans and regular expenses.

Best Annuity Plans In India

Let’s take a look at some of the best annuity plans in India along with their features and benefits -

1. HDFC Life New Immediate Annuity Plan

A traditional non-linked annuity plan by HDFC, it aims to provide various annuity options for a financially secure post-retirement life.


  • Available for ages between 30 and 85
  • Varied annuity payout modes to choose from
  • The policy continues for the annuitant's entire lifetime
  • Multiple annuity options to fit different needs
  • Offers both single-life and joint-life annuity choices


  • Allows the annuitant to receive an annuity for as long as their partner is alive
  • Higher annuity rates for larger purchase prices
  • Wide selection with 7 single-life and 4 joint-life annuity options
  • Provides a stable and secure source of income post-retirement
  • Hassle-free policy with trusted backing from HDFC

2. ICICI Pru Immediate Annuity Plan

This is a plan from ICICI Prudential that's tailored to ensure financial security post-retirement with guaranteed lifelong income.


  • Convenient online purchase process
  • Offers critical illness coverage
  • Provides a minimum annuity of  INR 12,000 per annum, with no maximum limit
  • Guaranteed lifelong payouts
  • Offers a generous 12 different annuity options


  • Flexible annuity receipt options – yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly
  • Return of the entire purchase price under specific cases
  • Commencement of annuity income can start as early as age 30
  • Premium rates are higher for larger purchase amounts
  • Provides financial stability and security post-retirement

3. IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Annuity Plan

It is a non-linked, non-participating immediate annuity plan that ensures a consistent income throughout one's life.


  • Accepts entrants aged between 40 and 80 years
  • Minimum policy purchase price set at INR 1,00,000
  • Offers the flexibility of different annuity receipt modes
  • Ensures a guaranteed regular income
  • A total of 12 distinct annuity options available


  • Critical illness coverage provides additional peace of mind
  • Premium rates are favourable for higher purchase amounts
  • Ensures financial stability after retirement
  • Tailored to cater to different financial requirements post-retirement
  • The policy's guaranteed income feature assures steady cash flow

4. PNB Metlife Immediate Annuity Plan

This immediate annuity plan promises financial stability via a consistent income for a relaxed post-retirement phase.


  • Single life option age range is 30-75. For joint life, it's 40-75.
  • Provision of lifetime income for a spouse
  • Flexibility in choosing annuity payout modes
  • Ensures continuous income throughout retirement
  • Wide range of annuity options to suit different needs


  • Option for policyholders to customise their annuity plan
  • Provides protection to family members through its joint-life annuity feature
  • Financial freedom and peace of mind in the retirement years
  • Wide array of annuity options to fit varied requirements
  • Reputable backing from PNB Metlife, a trusted insurance provider

5. Reliance Life Immediate Annuity Plan

A non-linked, non-participating immediate annuity scheme by Reliance, it is tailored for regular income post-retirement.


  • Entry age for the policy varies between 20 and 80 years
  • Minimum purchase price of the policy is INR1,00,000
  • Varied options for annuity payout modes
  • Requires only a one-time premium payment
  • Offers a choice among 3 distinct annuity options


  • Guarantees whole life income as annuity, providing financial stability
  • No medical test needed for policy purchase
  • Tailored options allow flexibility in financial planning
  • Reliable income source with the backing of a trusted brand like Reliance

6. SBI Life Annuity Plus Plan

It is a traditional non-linked annuity offering from SBI Life to get a financially secure post-retirement phase.


  • Entry age ranges between 40 to 80 years
  • Various annuity payout modes available
  • Provides the option to include a family member
  • Requires a one-time premium payment
  • Wide range of annuity options to suit diverse needs


  • Guarantees a whole life income as annuity
  • No medical test necessary to obtain the policy
  • Provides financial independence during retirement
  • A trusted offering from the reputable SBI Life

7. Star Union Dai-ichi Immediate Annuity Plan

Star Union Dai-ichi is a non-participating single premium plan that offers regular post-retirement income.


  • Assures a consistent income post-retirement
  • Provides 9 distinct payout options for receiving the annuity
  • Annuities can be received yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly
  • No medical test required to obtain the plan
  • Immediate annuity payouts post the payment of the lump sum


  • Financial stability and security post-retirement
  • Flexibility in receiving annuity allows tailored financial planning
  • Assured income shortly after the initial payment
  • Reliable post-retirement income solution backed by Star Union Dai-ichi

8. TATA AIA Life Smart Annuity Plan

A traditional non-participating plan by TATA AIA that offers financial stability in the form of regular post-retirement income.


  • Options for top-ups to enhance annuity payments
  • Choice between single or joint-life annuity
  • Entry age for the plan spans from 45 to 85 years
  • Provides post-retirement financial security
  • Beneficiaries receive the full purchase price upon the death of the insured


  • Multiple modes available for receiving annuity
  • Guarantees financial security for the individual post-retirement
  • The scheme ensures that beneficiaries are financially secure in case of the insured's death.
  • Flexibility and customization options for different financial requirements
  • Reputable offering with the trusted backing of TATA AIA

9. Aditya Birla SunLife Immediate Annuity Plan

It is a single premium, non-participating policy geared towards offering steady post-retirement income with a choice of 6 distinct annuity payout options.


  • Guaranteed periodic income post-retirement
  • Six distinct annuity payout modes to choose from
  • Varied annuity payment frequencies: yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly
  • No prerequisite medical test for policy procurement


  • Provides a financial safety net post-retirement
  • Immediate annuity disbursements post lump-sum payment
  • Flexible payment schedules for diverse financial requirements

10. Aviva Annuity Plus Plan

A traditional insurance policy tailored for lifelong income post-retirement. As a non-participating, single premium immediate annuity plan, it provides guaranteed post-retirement income.


  • Entry age spectrum is 18 to 80 years
  • Minimum purchase price begins at Rs.25,000 with no maximum cap
  • Annuities disbursed in varied frequencies: yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly


  • Seven unique annuity payout options available
  • No medical examination for plan acquisition
  • Annuity initiation right after the single premium payment

11. Exide Life New Immediate Annuity Plan

A non-linked, non-participating immediate annuity plan that ensures life-long guaranteed annuity disbursements.


  • Lifelong guaranteed annuity payouts
  • Flexible annuity receiving options
  • Complete refund of the purchase price upon the policyholder's death


  • Death benefit includes the entire purchase price reverted to the nominee
  • No need for medical examination for policy purchase
  • Choose from yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly annuity disbursement modes
  • Immediate initiation of annuity post lump-sum payment

12. Future Generali Immediate Annuity Plan

It is a traditional non-participating plan that focuses on offering financial security through consistent income post-retirement.


  • Entry age parameters are between 40 to 80 years
  • The plan starts at a purchase price of Rs.30,000, with no upper boundary
  • Policy tenure extends as long as the annuitant lives


  • Assured lifetime monetary inflow to the annuitant
  • Multiple annuity payout modes available: monthly and yearly
  • The annuity card feature ensures ease in annuity receipt
  • Two distinct annuity payout choices for flexibility

Investment Plan

Secure Your Golden Years with Annuity Plans

When planning for a stable and enjoyable retirement, annuity plans stand out as a beacon of reliability. These plans guarantee a consistent income flow, ensuring that one can maintain their preferred lifestyle without any financial hitches.

This article provided insights into the best deferred annuity plan in India and the best annuity plan in India, covering the intricacies of various retirement annuity plans. Making an informed decision now can profoundly impact your post-retirement life.

Whether you're in the early stages of planning your retirement or already on the brink of your golden years, understanding the myriad of annuity options available can truly set the stage for a relaxed and secure retirement. The journey might certainly be daunting, but the destination is surely worthwhile.

Choose wisely, invest smartly, and relish the fruits of a well-prepared retirement!

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