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With a proper investment strategy, you can invest funds in a financial asset and grow your wealth over the years. The UAE has several investment plans available, with its growing market attracting various local and international financial institutions.

One such bank is the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, which has numerous plans that can help you meet your goals of financial growth over time. ADCB investment plans have been designed considering the financial preferences and monthly income of a wide range of individuals residing in the UAE. 

Read the article below to learn more about ADCB investment products in detail. 

What are the Different Types of ADCB Investment Plans?

There are multiple categories of ADCB investment products available for individuals residing in the UAE. To know about them in detail, go through the following section - 

ADCB Managed Funds

These funds are managed by ADCB Asset Management Limited. These products are actively managed and can be availed of at low costs. In addition, along with actively managed funds, plans under ADCB Managed funds aim towards long-term investment strategy.

Refer to the following table to know more about the top-most ADCB Managed Funds -

Name of Mutual Fund Category 1 Year Return 3 Years Return Management Fee
ADCB Arabian Index USD MENA Equity 39.39% 46.32% 0.00%
Al Hilal Global Sukuk Fund Bond & Sukuk 1.05% 8.10% 0.85%
ADCB Target 2025 R Target Date 2031 - 2025 1.40% 19.13% 1.00%
ADCB Target 2035 R Target Date 2031 - 2035 4.57% 32.22% 1.00%
ADCB MSCI UAE Index AED UAE Equity 40.80% 55.46% 1.00%
ADCB MSCI UAE Index R Other Equity 55.54% 64.73% 1.00%
ADCB Arabian Index R Africa and Middle East Equity 39.24% 50.18% 1.00%
ADCB Multi Asset Aggressive X USD Inc USD Aggressive Allocation 1.63% - 1.25%
ADCB Multi Asset Aggressive R USD Acc USD Aggressive Allocation 1.60% - 1.25%
ADCB Islamic GCC Equity R Islamic Equity – Other 37.55% 57.61% 1.50%
ADCB Islamic GCC Equity X Islamic Equity – Other 37.56% 57.60% 1.50%
ADCB UAE Equity R Other Equity 39.73% 49.64% 1.50%
ADCB Al Nokhitha AED UAE Equity 33.62% 45.97% 1.85%
Al Hilal GCC Equity Fund GCC Islamic Equity 31.61% 35.74% 2.00%

Mutual Funds

The Wealth Management Services of ADCB offer a plethora of mutual fund options. Multiple categories of asset classes, countries, regions, and sectors are covered to make your investment portfolio extensive. Third-party mutual funds such as hedge funds, balanced funds, real estate, and fixed-income funds are available as well.

Check out the following table to know more about some of the major third-party mutual funds provided by the bank:

Name of Mutual Fund Category 1 Year Return 3 Years Return Management Fee
BGF Global Dynamic Equity A2 EUR Global Large – Cap Blend Equity 7.84% 50.95% 1.50%
Al Hilal GCC Equity Fund GCC Islamic Equity 31.61% 35.74% 2.00%
ADCB MSCI UAE Index R Other Equity 55.54% 64.73% 1.00%
ADCB Islamic GCC Equity X Islamic Equity – Other 37.56% 57.60% 1.50%
ADCB Islamic GCC Equity R Islamic Equity – Other 37.55% 57.61% 1.50%
ADCB Arabian Index R Africa & Middle East Equity 39.24% 50.18% 1.00%
ADCB MSCI UAE Index AED Other Equity 40.80% 55.46% 1.00%
ADCB Arabian Index USD MENA Equity 39.39% 46.32% -
ADCB Al Nokhitha AED UAE Equity 33.62% 45.97% 1.85%
abrdn Indian Equity I Acc USD India Equity 6.21% 31.67% 1.00%
abrdn Indian Equity A Acc USD India Equity 5.37% 28.58% 1.75%
abrdn Diversified Inc A MInc USD USD Moderate Allocation 6.50% 17.63% 1.20%
AB SICAV I Low Volatility Eq A USD Acc Global Large-Cap Blend Equity 10.40% 33.79% 1.50%

Trading Securities

ADCB Wealth Management Services also provides you access to numerous fixed interest options in over-the-counter opportunities and other markets. The trading desk of ADCB connects the sellers and buyers of securities. Under this service, you can have full access to innumerable trading opportunities as an investor as no specific proprietary book is involved.

ADCB Select

Irrespective of the income level, the ADCB Select investment plan is suitable for all. What’s notable about these products is that they are updated and analysed on a regular basis, with asset managers being active all the time to track your performance as per the current market situation. The investment strategies provided with this product are considerably easy to understand.

Structured Products

Structured products are simply income-bearing products that provide flexibility and protection of your guaranteed capital. The structured investment products offered by the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank significantly vary in tenure (from months to years). While availing of this type of product may offer you secondary market liquidity, it is recommended to stay invested till the product’s maturity to get the best returns.

Reasons to Invest with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

As we saw earlier, ADCB investment plans are available across different categories and have varying strategies with the common goal of enhancing your investment value. Let’s dive deeper and look into some more reasons as to why you should go with ADCB investment plans -

Wide Range of ADCB Investment Plans

If you plan to invest with ADCB, you can select a plan from a wide range of options. The financial institution not only provides multiple ADCB investment products but allows you to customise them as per your requirements. You can choose the investment amount, plan tenure, and other specifications following your financial requirements.

Offers an Outstanding Investment Strategy for Investors

As an Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank investor, you can manage your investment plans effectively. The reason behind this is that the bank offers you monthly and quarterly investment insights, which can help you stay updated with your ADCB investment performances.

Reliable Relationship Managers

The financial institutions would assign you a CISI certified relationship manager so that you can plan your finances efficiently. So whether you are aiming for long-term or short-term investment plans, your relationship manager will help you analyse and manage your investment portfolio accurately.

What are the Different Methods to Apply for Obtaining ADCB Investment Plans?

With Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, you can find multiple ways to get an ADCB investment product. If you wish to avail of a plan, you can use any of the application methods discussed below –

Via Online Banking

Online banking is one of the most preferred methods to access banking services. As a customer of ADCB, you can have easy access to the internet banking facility and use it to utilise your bank-related services anytime from anywhere.

You can simply log into your online banking portals and look for the ADCB investment products in the investment section. To obtain an investment plan, tap on the product you want to avail of. After you are redirected to the following page, fill out the application form and upload all the relevant documents.

Via Mobile Banking

ADCB has its mobile application that is available on the Google Play Store, the Apple Store, the Galaxy Store, and AppGallery. You can conveniently download and install the app on your smartphone and register your account. Log in and move to the investment section, where you can fill out the application form and attach the necessary documents to complete the process.

Via SMS Banking

To avail of the banking and investment services, you may also get in touch with the bank via SMS. In this case, all you need to do is write the relevant ADCB investment plan code and send it to 2626 from your registered mobile number. You can then wait till you get a revert from the concerned authority.

By Requesting a Call Back

You can also use the ‘request a call back’ feature by visiting the official website of ADCB. Once you are on the site, navigate to the investment section, go through the available ADCB investment plans, and select the one that suits you the best.

Once you click on any of the investment products, scroll down to find the ‘Request a call back’ option. Tap on it and fill out the available form by providing your name, email address, contact number, location, and other required details. Submit the form and wait till the bank calls you back.

Via Contacting the Bank Relationship Manager

Banks usually assign specific relationship managers to their customers. The same applies here, with ADCB appointing relationship managers for you depending on the type of services availed. If you have been allocated a relationship manager, you can always have a one-on-one conversation with them regarding the selection of the right investment plan and the process of applying for it.

Via Connecting with Contact Centre

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank also has the facility of providing ADCB investment plan services via their customer care support. Once you choose your ADCB investment product, give a call to the bank at 600562626 and inform them about your investment plan. You can then follow the prompted instructions regarding the application process.

By Visiting Bank Branch

You can also go offline and obtain an ADCB investment plan by visiting your nearest ADCB bank branch. Once you reach the bank, get in touch with the bank authorities to have one of the representatives assist you regarding the ADCB investment plan application process. Make sure to carry all the essential and mandatory documents with you to conduct a hassle-free process.

Key Takeaways

As we conclude the article, here are a few points you must keep in mind –

  • Always do your research well and go through multiple investment plans before you select one
  • ADCB investment banking is available in the UAE. If you wish to invest with ADCB, check out all the products thoroughly.
  • Read the terms and conditions precisely before making a decision to obtain an investment plan
  • Always be aware of the related fees and charges so that you don’t have to incur any hidden charges after taking an ADCB investment plan
  • After you have chosen an investment plan, analyse its performance before you invest in the involved market risks
  • It is crucial to keep all the essential documents handy before you start the application process. If applying online, make sure to keep soft copies of each document ready.
  • In case you come across any issues related to ADCB investment banking, reach out to the ADCB customer care support team for assistance through a call or by dropping an email

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