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While no two investors have the same risk appetite or financial goals, the common thread among investors is that all of them look to clock in the maximum possible returns from their investments, even from their insurance products. The same has extended to LIC plans, as evident from the numerous searches related to LIC plan 5 years double money.

LIC International is one of the most reputed insurance providers in the UAE and the Middle East. LIC plans are known for their excellent returns as well as insurance coverage. While you may not find any LIC plan 5 years double money, a few of their policies have provided good returns over time.

You can certainly consider the LIC 5-year plans, which are low-risk, offer good returns, and also allow you to extend the plan for a longer period in some cases. In this article, we will discuss the top LIC money back policy for 5 years, their specifications, features, and more.

New Future Smart – Plan No. 258

With death benefits and maturity benefits as well as guaranteed addition, this non-linked single premium endowment plan is a great option to have on your list if you are looking for security and good returns.

With a fixed 5-year term, this LIC plan provides an assured sum to the policyholder when the policy matures or their beneficiaries in case of the insured individual's demise.

Check out the table below for more information regarding the LIC 5 year plans-

Feature   Specifications  
Term   5 years  
Sum assured   At least USD 25,000  
Age   Minimum – 18 years (completed)       Maximum – 65 years (nearer birthday)  
Top Up Premium   USD 10,000 (in multiples of USD 1,000 thereafter)  

New Future Smart II (Plan No. 261)

Similar to the New Future Smart Plan 258, this single-premium guaranteed return non-linked saving plan is ideal if you are looking to clock in good returns in a short period.

This LIC policy offers an additional guarantee and a lump sum amount at maturity. Moreover, it provides protection against death over the course of the policy.

Here’s a detailed summary of the key features and specifications of this plan -

Feature   Specifications  
Term   5 years  
Sum assured   Minimum – USD 25,000       No maximum limit  
Age   18 years (completed)       70 years (nearer birthday)  
Top Up Premium   At least USD 10,000 (in multiples of USD 1,000 afterwards)       No maximum limit  

Future Smart III – Plan No. 265

Another plan to explore for guaranteed returns is the single premium, non-linked saving plan 265 which offers guaranteed returns as well. Besides providing coverage to the policyholder, this plan also provides a lump sum amount to the policyholder after maturity (5 years) on top of one additional year of guaranteed addition.

Check out the table below to find out more details related to this LIC 5 year plan for good returns-

Feature   Specifications  
Term   5 years  
Sum assured   USD 25,000 – minimum limit       No maximum limit  
Age   18 years (Completed)       65 years (Nearer Birthday)  
Top-Up Premium   USD 10,000       The total premium, including the top-up premium, shall not exceed USD 1 million  

To Conclude

LIC 5-year plans make for a great choice if you wish to secure your family’s financial future. With these plans, you can grow your wealth over time and ensure financial protection for yourself and your family with their insurance component.

With the low risk and stable returns of these plans, you won’t find any LIC plan 5 years double money. However, if you are looking for some insurance plans that are flexible and offer high returns, you can certainly check out any of the LIC 5-year plans discussed in the article above.

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