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Term life insurance is crucial if you want to financially protect your family amidst unfortunate circumstances. However, we often come across various term insurance variants that are hard to differentiate between. 

One such common confusion occurs when it comes to level term life insurance. Considering that this is a pretty popular type of life insurance, it’s crucial to understand what this category includes before purchasing a policy.

Let’s discuss the distinctive properties of level term insurance and its benefits. We will also understand the level term life insurance rates so that you make an informed decision! 

What is Level Term Life Insurance?

Level term insurance is a type of life insurance where the insured pays consistent premiums over a fixed period for a steady coverage amount throughout. 

It offers affordability and provides a payout to the designated beneficiary if the insured passes away unexpectedly during the policy's duration. Simply put, it allows you to safeguard your family's financial security without straining your monthly finances with high premium costs.

How Does a Level Term Life Insurance Policy Work?

Level term insurance operates by providing a consistent coverage amount and premium throughout the policy's duration, typically going up to 30-40 years. This is a great option if you are seeking stability and predictability

Unlike other term life policies where the sum assured can increase or decrease annually, level term insurance has a fixed sum for the entirety of the term. This, combined with fixed premiums, ensures that you can be assured of financial security for your family and accurately plan your insurance costs without worrying about unexpected spikes in premiums.

Different Types of Level Term Life Insurance Policies

Level term insurance can be availed for different term periods — let’s explore the major ones:

  1. Short-Term Level Term Insurance: Offers coverage for a shorter period, typically up to 10 years. Note that some providers may even offer a 5-year term period.
  2. Mid-Term Level Term Insurance: Provides coverage for an intermediate period, often in the range of 15 to 20 years
  3. Long-Term Level Term Insurance: Extends coverage for a longer duration, usually 25 to 30 years or even more

Benefits of Choosing Level Term Life Insurance

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of level term life insurance —

  • Stable premiums: Fixed premiums throughout the policy term
  • Consistent coverage: The coverage amount remains the same for the entire duration
  • Predictable budgeting: Allows for accurate financial planning without unexpected increases
  • Affordable option: Cost-effective compared to other insurance types
  • Financial security: Provides death benefits to beneficiaries if the insured passes away during the policy term
  • Flexible tenure options: Policyholders can choose term lengths that suit their requirements, typically ranging from 10 to 30 years or even more
  • Additional riders: Optional add-ons such as critical illness or disability riders can enhance coverage to meet specific needs

Tips to Buy Level Term Insurance

To be efficient with your choice, make sure to check these aspects —

  1. Determine for how long you need coverage: Think about your family's needs, like until your kids finish college or get married. While longer terms usually mean higher monthly payments, it's often better to go longer to avoid scenarios of inadequate funds for your family’s requirements.
  2. Figure out how much coverage you need: You can start by considering 10 times your salary, or 10 times your salary plus college expenses. You can even use the DIME (Debt, Income, Mortgage, Education) formula. Yet another method is the Human Life Value, which calculates your lifetime income potential.
  3. Get additional coverage if needed: Even if you have some coverage through work, say in the form of group life insurance, it might not be enough. Consider individual coverage options like level term life insurance policies, which are easy to compare and get quotes for online. 
  4. Shop around: Get quotes from different providers. This can easily be done through an aggregator like Policybazaar.ae, where you get to compare insurance rates and quotes from the best insurance companies side by side. 

How is Level Term Insurance Different from Other Types? 

Having understood what is level term life insurance, let’s take a look at the top term insurance variants for our better understanding —


Level Term Insurance

Decreasing Term Insurance

Whole Life Insurance


Fixed throughout the term

Usually fixed but lower than level plans


Coverage Amount

Stays constant

Decreases over time

Stays constant

Policy Duration

Fixed term (say, 10, 20, or 30 years)

Fixed term (e.g., 10, 20, 30 years)

Lifetime coverage

Cash Value



Builds cash value over time


Income replacement and financial protection for dependents

Coverage for mortgage or debt repayment

Lifetime coverage and cash value accumulation

Premium Flexibility

Limited flexibility

No flexibility

Limited flexibility

Additional Features

Riders available for extra coverage

Typically no additional features

Option for policy loans and dividends


Affordable compared to whole life

Usually cheaper than level term insurance

Most expensive out of the three



Q1. What occurs when term life insurance policies reach the end of their term?

Once your policy term concludes, you won’t get any returns vis-a-vis cash value unless you opt for the ‘return of premium’ option at the beginning. If you want further coverage, you will need to seek and get another policy, often at a higher cost due to increased age and perceived risk.


Q2. What age limit applies to level term insurance?

Although the maximum age limit depends on the insurance provider, most insurers have an upper cap of around 60-65 years with respect to entry age.

Q3. Can Term Life Insurance be extended?

Level term life coverage generally cannot be extended — once the term expires, the coverage typically ends and the policyholder needs to apply for a new policy if they wish to continue the coverage. However, the terms and conditions for some providers may differ. 

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