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Life, being an unpredictable game of dice, requires measures to protect the interests of loved ones; and a term insurance is one such aegis that shields those important to us.

Essentially, a term insurance will assist the policyholder in all manners possible, enabling one to clear outstanding debts, achieve financial stability, education for the younger generations and most importantly, to secure a good home for one’s family.

SALAMA – Islamic Arab Insurance Company, has spearheaded the Takaful (term insurance) industry since its establishment in 1979. Since that time, they have earned an award-winning reputation for their quality, great service standards and impeccable credibility, and are now amongst the leading providers of insurance in the world.

Salama Term Insurance is one such promising plan, which can be acquired from Salama Insurance Dubai. This propitious plan offers a plethora of benefits designed to meet the perpetually evolving requirements of the customer.

List of plans facilitated by Salama Term Insurance

Plan Designation

Salient Features

Hemaya Plus

  • Inexpensive plan providing single or joint coverage
  • Plan can be opted for either in UAE Dirham or US Dollar as currency
  • A grace period of 90 days is stipulated in the plan and also allocates a free look period of 30 days from the date of issue
  • Besides covering terminal illnesses, the plan can be customised to provide the holder with additional benefits in case of accidental death, total or partial permanent disability payment and support for the policyholder’s family in the form of income

Hemayati Plus

  • Maximum coverage of AED 500,000 can be obtained  
  • Does not require medical check-up and extensive paperwork  
  • An integrated option that covers terminal illnesses
  • A guaranteed maturity bonus up to 100% is allocated at the end of the plan term, if claims are not made towards the policy
  • The policyholder can decide the term duration of the plan; (i.e., 5, 10, 15 years) and the contribution amount
  • Flexibility to continue plan payment from any location around the world and global policy coverage

Key features and benefits of Salama Term Insurance plans

Plans with versatile term periods

When one selects Salama term insurance UAE, they have the choice to select the duration of the plan, which can range from 5 to 35 years. Nevertheless, it is better for interested parties to opt for a term insurance plan before the age of 30 as the rate of insurance premiums escalates with the progress in age.

Freedom of options in premium contribution

There exists a provision for variable premium payment when a prospective client decides to purchase a term insurance plan. The premiums can be paid in either installments for a period of a month, semi-annual or annual, or as a single payment for the entire course of the plan’s tenure. In the case of Salama Term Insurance, the contribution towards the plan is fixed at the event of purchase and remains unchanged throughout the tenure.

Ease of purchase and utilisation

The application process for term insurance plans is effortless and does not require stringent conditions. When Salama Hemayati Plus Term Insurance is considered, minimum paperwork is required and even the medical examination isn’t mandatory, making the experience truly hassle-free.

Enhanced returns

In the unfortunate circumstance of the demise of the policyholder, the benefits provided by term insurance plans are significantly higher compared to the premiums rendered. In the Arab Emirates, one can apply for a term insurance plan for under AED 200 and expect a coverage as high as AED 5 million.

Premium waiver

This option for a waiver is offered to the policyholder in case of loss of employment due to permanent disability, which accommodates the policyholder under the protection until the duration of the tenure, while concomitantly excluding them from the payment of the remaining premiums.

Special offers and concessions

Good behavior deserves to be rewarded and accolades are offered to consumers who make the effort to live a healthy lifestyle, by endowing them with various offers and rebates when applying for a term insurance plan.

Certain people, predominantly women and non-smokers, can avail plans which insure them at a higher principal amount at a smaller premium since they are at markedly low risk of contracting inimical health disorders.

Eligibility criteria for Salama Term Insurance plans



Minimum entry age

18 years

Maximum entry age

65 to 79 years depending on the insurer

Policy tenure

1 to 35 years

Purchasing authority

  • Working individuals
  • Newly married couples
  • Parents
  • Senior citizens

Options for payout

  • Lump sum
  • Monthly or yearly payout
  • Lump sum with fixed regular payout

Additional riders

  • Critical illnesses cover
  • Accidental death cover
  • Family income cover
  • Permanent total disability cover
  • Premium waiver cover

Medical Test

The medical tests may be required depending on the insurer    

Term Insurance plan inclusions

The risks to life and manner of death that are under the purview of the policy are designated as term insurance inclusions. The insurance firm disburses the assured monetary value to the beneficiaries upon the filing of claim against the policy inclusion.

It is important to conduct research to determine the best term insurance plan to suit one’s requirements, as the policy inclusions are subject to the provisions of the insurance provider.

The details mentioned hereinafter are the primary inclusions of the term insurance plan:

  • Death due to medical predisposition or natural causes
  • Death incurred due to accidents
  • Diagnosis of terminal illness with a survival period of fewer than 12 months
  • Diagnosis of critical illness
  • Permanent and total disability during the tenure of the insurance policy
  • Premium waiver in the instance of total disability occurring from accident or sickness

Process of filing claim from Salama Term Insurance plan

The procedure for claiming term insurance in the UAE is relatively simple, provided that the nominees possess the relevant documents and necessary proofs, that support their claim, in its entirety.

The protocol for the term insurance claim process is as follows:

Appropriately Completed Claim Form - The nominees are required to either contact the insurance company to acquire a claims form or they can download one from the official website of the insurance provider if that facility is available.

Submission of Relevant Documents - Along with the duly-filled claims form that is to be submitted, the nominees must provide the following supporting documents:

  • Death certificate,
  • Documents highlighting the reason of death,
  • Medical reports,
  • In the circumstance of death on foreign soil, a valid death certificate issued by the UAE embassy is mandatory.

Verification and Waiting Period - Following the submission of all necessary documents, a verification is performed by the insurance company before the claim can be settled. The verification process is a standard process that can incur a waiting period during which the settlement is processed, but it need not take longer than 4 to 5 business days if the supporting documentation is in

Settlement Process - Upon verification of all the information presented through the documentation and if deemed satisfactory, the insurance company disburses the claimed amount to the beneficiaries.

Customers can get in touch with the company through its contact number 800 SALAMA (800725262) or via email at claims(@)salamalife.ae.

Q1: How can I make payments for my regular contributions?

Ans: The payments for one’s regular contributions can be made either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually through bank transfer, credit card, or cheque (exclusively for annual payments).

Q2: What would be the consequence of missing my regular contribution?

Ans: There exists a grace period in these plans that provides a reprieve in case of unexpected delays. However, to prevent the cessation of policy benefits, the contribution towards the premium is to be cleared within a span of 28 days succeeding the date the installment was due.

Q3: What should be my maximum age at the time of maturity?

Ans: The age of the policyholder at the instance of plan maturity should be a maximum of 74 years when Hemayati Plus is the policy in consideration and in the case of Hemaya Plus, up to 100 years is valid.

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