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Friends Provident International (FPI) is a renowned global insurance company with 40+ years of experience in the insurance market. A customer-centric organisation in the UAE, FPI provides various customised insurance services with an aim to ensure the financial security of the users and their families.

FPI life insurance makes for a good choice if you are looking for life insurance in UAE at affordable rates and from a reputed provider. Let’s find out more about FPI Life Insurance, its features and benefits, and more.

Key Features of FPI Life Insurance

1. Flexible Premium Payment Options

FPI Life Insurance comes with flexible premium payment options, meaning that you can choose to pay the premium amount every month or annually.

2. Flexible Terms

You can get life cover for multiple years and with numerous features. However, you should be under the age of 80 in the end or be of 70 years of age for critical illness coverage (CIC).

3. Death Benefits

In the unfortunate event of the policyholder’s demise, the FPI Life Insurance policy offers a financial cushion to the beneficiaries by paying out the sum assured.

4. Portable

A noteworthy feature of the FPI Life Insurance plan is that it comes with the option of portability, meaning that the policyholder can transfer the policy location when shifting to a different place.

Benefits of Buying FPI Life Insurance

An FPI Life Insurance policy can help you put off your concerns regarding the financial future of your family, especially when an emergency strikes. Furthermore, FPI Life Insurance offers financial support to the beneficiaries in the event of the policyholder's death.

With these proceeds, the beneficiaries can pay for funeral expenditures and repatriation costs, pay the mortgage or other debts, fulfil their regular financial requirements, and more.

FPI Life Insurance comes with the following key benefits -

1. Single and Joint Life

FPI life insurance plans are available in both single and joint life variants. You can choose the joint life plan to secure your spouse's future financially as well.

2. Multi-Currency

FPI Life Insurance premiums and covers are available in multiple currencies to ensure the utmost fulfilment of your requirements.

You can make payments in US Dollars (USD), UAE Dirham (AED), Sterling (GBP), or Euro (EUR). Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that you cannot change the currency in which you make the first payment later during the policy term.

3. Unchanged Premium Amount

The premium amount will be the same for life cover with a total and permanent disability and life cover throughout the policy term. Consequently, you can make an effective budget without worrying about the changing premium amount.

Keep in mind that premiums for critical illness coverage are assured for the first five years.

4. Total and Permanent Disability Benefits

With FPI Life Insurance, you can add this additional rider for total and permanent disability benefits. These are paid out in case the policyholder is diagnosed with any permanent or total disability during the policy tenure.

5. Terminal Illness Benefits

In case the policyholder is diagnosed with any terminal illness, they can get the payout with this cover under the life insurance plan. There’s no additional cost for terminal illness benefits if the term of the life cover plan exceeds 3 years.

6. Life or Critical Illness Cover

In case the policyholder faces any critical illness or early critical illness, their plan can offer them a payout that can be beneficial in managing the regular expenses along with the treatment.

Have a look at a few frequently asked questions concerning FPI life insurance -


Q1. How do I track my claim for FPI Life Insurance?

Ans: You can visit the official website of FPI Life Insurance to track the status of your claim for the policy.

Q2. What are the different riders I can get with the FPI Life Insurance policy?

Ans: You can get critical illness coverage, total and permanent disability benefits, and terminal illness benefits with the FPI Life Insurance policy.

Q3. What is the premium payment frequency for the FPI Life Insurance policy?

Ans: You can pay the premium amount for the FPI Life Insurance either on a monthly or annual basis, as per your preference and budget.

Q4. In which currencies do FPI Life Insurance accept premium payments?

Ans: The FPI life insurance accepts payments for premiums in multiple currencies such as US Dollars (USD), Sterling (GBP), UAE Dirham (AED), and Euro (EUR).

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