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Hayah Insurance is a new-age insurance provider that offers a comprehensive set of insurance plans to fulfil the requirement of modern customers. This company is a suitable option if you are looking for the best life insurance in UAE.

With Hayah Insurance, you can find two main life insurance plans – Term Life Protect and Global Protect Life Insurance plan. These plans have a variety of features that cater to the different requirements across various categories.

Let’s understand the benefits and features of the Hayah Life Insurance policies and how they can help you deal with difficult times.

Hayah Life Insurance Plans

Discussed below are the salient features of the available Hayah Life Insurance plans –

1. Term Life Protect

The plan offers coverage against loss of life as well as disability and terminal illness for between 1 and 35 years

  • This plan offers flexibility in terms of payment of the premium, including monthly, annual, or lump sum payments
  • You can easily pay the premiums for the plan, which depend on several factors (age, health, gender, and more) in AED and USD
  • The plan offers maximum coverage of USD 50,000,000 (USD 50 million)

2. Global Protect Life Plan

Primarily designed for companies and corporations, this plan allows you to secure coverage for critical illness, disability, and death of your employees due to critical illness or accident. One of the most remarkable benefits of this plan is that the policyholder gets access to the priority screening facility and 40,000 partners across 5 continents while travelling with AXA Assistance.

Eligibility criteria: Most of your business and employees should be in the UAE

Key Features and Benefits of Hayah Life Insurance

Listed below are the key features and benefits of the Hayah Life Insurance plans –

  • The guaranteed death benefits of the plans can serve as a steady cash flow and income replacements for the family/beneficiaries after the death of the policyholder
  • The payout can be used either by the policyholder or the beneficiaries to repay their debts and fulfil other obligations
  • With flexible payment options, you can pay the premiums monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually
  • You have the option to cancel the policy anytime without paying any fine or additional charges
  • For the Term Life Protect policy, you can pay the premium in either USD or AED

Hayah Life Insurance Eligibility Criteria

The following table highlights the eligibility criteria for each of the life insurance plans offered by Hayah –

Term Life Protect Global Protect Life Plan
The policyholder should be a UAE resident and must be in the range of 18 to 79 years old at the time of entry A major portion of your business and employees should be in the UAE


Q1. What is the maximum amount assured in the Term Life Protect plan?

Ans: The Term Life Protect plan offers maximum coverage of USD 50,000,000 or USD 50 million.

Q2. Can I purchase add-on riders with the Term Life Protect plan?

Ans: Yes. The Hayah life insurance policy extends the benefit of purchasing add-on riders with the Term Life Protect plan.

Q3. Is the HAYAH life insurance policy valid for expatriates residing in the UAE?

Ans: The Term Life Protect plan is only valid for UAE residents.

Q4. What is the cancellation process for the HAYAH life insurance policy in the UAE?

Ans: With Hayah Life Insurance, you can cancel your Term Life Protect plan anytime without paying any additional charges. Furthermore, you will get a refund for the remaining period of the policy if you have made advance payments for the insurance premiums.

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